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The American Experiment Audiobook

The American Experiment Audiobook


America has been regarded as a grand experiment in self-government.


While the Greeks and Romans had failed to achieve this in their day, both societies nevertheless rose above their contemporaries and soared to new heights. So, when it came time for the American founders to try their hand at statecraft, they naturally opted to fuse elements of Greek democracy and Roman republicanism together to forge a new and lasting, American, democratic-republic.


It was long before this experiment was put to the test, when in 1861, a great “civil war” broke out. We’ve been taught to believe that the experiment survived the war - not only did the government graciously preserve liberty, but they’ve been spreading it abroad ever since.


What if this isn’t true? What if liberty and self-government didn’t survive the war? What if all the foreign military aggression ever since has really been an excuse for the victors - an elite cabal of financial interests - to retain and tighten their grip on power?


In this book you’ll find a narrative of American history you’ve likely never heard before: the Truth.

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