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49. Dash with Amanda Johnson

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

With the growing tide of regulations against cryptocurrencies, privacy has become an increasingly valuable aspect in the blockchain ecosystem. Dash is a cryptocurrency agorists can confidently trust to facilitate instant & anonymous transactions.

Amanda Johnson stops by The Agora to explain how this is made possible by utilizing a unique secondary layer of masternodes. We also discussed the advantadges of Dash's treasury system and some of the development goals Amanda is looking forward to.


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Mike Daniels
Mike Daniels
10 févr. 2021

Sal I love what you do. I'm getting caught up on past episcopes and after listening to this one "49. Dash with Amanda Johnson" I came here to check a couple of the links out, just to find out they are now bad links. "Dash vs other Crypto" links to private videos that I can't view." "Follow Amanda on Twitter" links to a non-existant Twitter account. Not sure if it was linked wrong, or she closed it or Twitter closed it... Not caught up episode wise beyond this so I don't know if there is a follow-up or not but what's the deal with Dash? Sounded promising on the episode. Are they done? Or maybe just Amanda is. If you have any updated inf…

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