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56. BTC Miami 2020

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

The North American Bitcoin Conference was a success. There were tons of events and some interesting speakers. Plus it's hosted in Miami.

I met a bunch of awesome bitcoin enthusiasts, newcomers and OGs alike - and got the best of them to briefly answer a range of questions relevant to agorists.

For example, Lucho Poletti is an artist and propagandist spreading the message of freedom thru sound money. Eryka Gemma and Nick Spanos both got fed up with traditional methods of combating statism and turned to counter-economic solutions, vis a vis cryptocurrency.

Anrew Hinkes is a professor at NYU Law and Stern School of Business and legal scholar specializing in blockchain and tokenization. Bobby Lee is the founder of Ballet crypto-wallet and a true OG bitcoiner. Ethan Zurka is a mining expert from the Crypto Tools Mining Podcast & one of the industry's leading experts.


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