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Bonus Episode: Urban Gardening Tips

You're probably familiar with Alex Utopium for his blogging at The New Libertarian and/or He joins us for this speacial bonus episode of The Agora to share some urban gardening tips with us.

Alex's upside down tomatoes help conserve valuable space.

Planting food is one of the easiest, safest and most enjoyable ways to practice counter-economics. Every produce item grown in your garden denies the state a litany of taxes, including but not limited to sales, gas, & export. Not to mention it saves you and your loved ones from state mandated pesticides and chemical additives.

Unfortuantely, available planting space has become increasingly rare, particularly for young folks. Now, with the 2019 planting season upon us, Alex and I thought it would be wise to encourage urban-dwelling agorists to participate by giving them some tips to get started.





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