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Bonus Episode: Pete Raymond

I reached out to patrons and supporters on Snapchat a couple weeks ago to find out who they'd like to see on the show & several agorists requested to hear from Pete Raymond again. Thankfully, Pete was happy to oblige & we caught up over a beer (or a few) this past Sunday.

I asked him about his experience with the social media censors, and his forthcoming documentary, The Monopoly On Violence. This project is particularly exciting because the team at Stateless Productions is planning a massive launch, with a release date targeting election season.

We also had a chance to discuss his beef with potential CIA-plant and Chair of the Partyarks, Nick Sarwak. Bill Weld, Gary Johnson and the rest of the clown show also came up during the course of conversation. As you'll see, to put it mildly - Pete and I have a less than favorable opinion of LP strategy.


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