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81. The State of Agorism

-We started off discussing the 4 phases of agorism

-Find out more about this here

-We also mentioned the Technocracy

-Derek literally wrote the book on Technocracy, check it out here!

-We discussed intentional communities

-Learn more about the Free Republic of PAZNIA

-Derek alluded to Cheran, famous for kicking out their local politicians

-Learn more here

-I asked Derek and Shane about how to coordinate agorist activities

-Join or create a a Freedom Cell

-Shane stressed the importance of local communities

-Be sure to check out Victor's appearance on The Agora, discussing The History of Agorism

-Check out Shane's book, Vonu: A Strategy for Self-Liberation

-The Last American Vagabond is a blog/news site definitely worth checking out**

-Derek's idea of a SEK3 biography is epic!



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