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79. The Truth About the Civil War

The great historian Brion McClanahan joins me to discuss the truth about the war for Southern Independence.

-I first learned about Lincoln's horrendous use of precedent in 9 President's Who Screwed Up America

-I really can't recommend this book enough!**

-Brion mentioned Hamilton's influence on Washington, be sure to check out this episode of The Agora, The Germ of Statism

-Brion's How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America is an absolute must read

-Check out Lyon Gardiner Tyler's, John Tyler & Abraham Lincoln: Who Was the Dwarf?

-Here's the episode I did with Kirkpatrick Sale

-Sale's book, which I kept mentioning is Emancipation Hell **

-Phil Magness's book Colinization After Emancipation

-Daniel Croft's book, Lincoln & the Politics of Slavery

-Colin Woodard's American Nations

-David Hackett Fisher's Albion's Seed

-that the Progressives are ideological descendants of the Puritans is a point Rothbard makes as well

-George Bancroft's History of the United States <---Get the free class!



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