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76. Grow Your Own Food

-Jack was dead on when he spoke about a war of attrition. I remember reading how Churchill starved out the Germans, or how Lincoln starved out the rebels at Vicksburg.

-Jack mentioned Toby Hemingway, check out his work here

-I mentioned Against the Grain by James C. Scott, the Yale anthropologist. You can also see Scott on the Monopoly on Violence.

-Take the Stead Pill!!

-When it comes to RAISING your own food, Jack recommends starting with poultry*

Jack Spirko recommends the Anatolan Shepherd as a livestock guardian dog.

-Tips for urban & suburban dwellers:

-Find or start a co-op!

`-This suggestion motivated me to search my local area for a farming co-op. I found Blumenberry Farms in Sarasota, Florida. I plan on signing up for their 10-week Community Supported Agriculture box! What co-ops are in your area?

-Learn more about Kratky Hydroponics here

-Curits made an excellent point about supplementing your food production with foraging.

-Check out Curtis's video on foraging with Scott Moran here

-Aquaponics is geared for large-scale, outdoor applications.

-Words to live by ---> "Buy your food directly from farmers you have a relationship with" - Curtis Stone

-Words to live by ---> "Learn how to preserve food" - Jack Spirko

-Words to live by ---> "Produce what you can, trade for that which you cannot" - ME!

-Find Jack's stuff at

-Per Spirko's recommendation, learn permaculture from:

-Check out Curtis's YouTube channel

-Curtis's book The Urban Farmer: Growing Food for Profit on Leased & Borrowed Land is an absolute must read for agorists!



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