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59. Future of Money w/ Roger Ver

Roger Ver joined me for episode 59 of The Agora to discuss the future of money. We also covered austrian economics, what went wrong with the financial system, & how Bitcoin Cash can protect you from federal reserve banksters

. Here are my notes from our convo!


-For a brief explanation of Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT), check out this article - or, for a more thorough understanding, this book.

-Theory of Money & Credit, Ludwig von Mises

-Learn more about Cash Fusion here

-I mentioned the Asian Development Bank's propaganda podcast - Here's the episode covering tokenization I was referring to.

-Some more resources on tokenization:

Episode 44 of The Agora

-Books recommended by Roger:

2. Free to Choose, Milton Friedman

3. The Law, Frederic Bastiat

-Don't forget! - You can use to buy Amazon products cheaper and counter-economically.


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