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58. WTF Is Agorism?

- The metaphysical explanation of agorism I gave is really just the Euthyphro Dilemma turned upside down. I highly recommend reading this and all of the Socratic dialogues.

-Some good resources to understand the partyarchy-

-I compared the cartelization of the banking sector to the cartelization of the red market. If you're interested in learning more about economic concept of compulsory cartelization check out this short explanation by Rothbard:

-To better understand the agorist position on Anarcho-Zionism check out this article by SEK3

-Agorist Class Theory resources:

Episode 13 of The Agora, Agorist Class Theory

Agorist Class Theory, Wally Conger

-I mentioned a great, low risk way to get involved is by raising your own crops. Here are some of the resources I mentioned, plus a few more:

Bonus Episode of The Agora, Urban Gardening

Episode 39 of The Agora, Aquaponics


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