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52. Entrepreneurial Agorism

Per Bylund is a fellow at the Mises Institute and a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. He has written extensively on both entrepreneurship and counter-economics and joins us for episode 52 of The Agora to breakdown the economic aspects.

Not all entrepreneurship is agorist, but all agorism is entrepreneurial. Whether you're selling flowers at the local farmer's market, or zip guns to Chinese dissidents, agorists can't avoid entrepreneurship.

The inseparable relationship between agorism and entrepreneurship should be unsurprising to anyone with an intermediate understanding of economics. As professor Bylund makes clear, entrepreneurship is the centerpiece of Austrian Economics, & like agorism - Austrian Economics is rooted in deductive logic.

We also discussed various interpretations of what entrepreneurship means according to some of the Austrian heavyweights like Mises, Kirzner, Klein and Rothbard.

He also weighs in regarding what strategies agorists should use when getting started and what market signals to look for. Are opportunities revealed by analyzing industry trends or consumer dissatisfaction?

Finally, I asked Per what his thoughts were concerning the recent phenomenon of "social entrepreneurship;" where market actors are directed not by prices but by their own interpretation of social good.

If you're interested in earning a living, or even starting a side hustle in a disruptive industry, you can't afford to miss this episode!





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