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50. Crypto-Economics with Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker is the editorial director at the American Institute for Economic Research and one of the world's leading Austrian economists. He has worked for or in conjunction with not only AIER, but also the Foundation for Economic Education & the Mises Institute. He was mentored by none other than Murray Rothbard himself & is the author of the book which I just started reading (and have been unable to put down); The Market Loves You: Why You Should Love It Back.

With so much economic naivete clouding the blockchain ecosystem, I asked Jeff to come on The Agora and help us clear up some of the more pressing issues. We discussed his expectations for Facebook's Libra, the potential for tokenization to disrupt the financial industry, currency competition and Bitcoin maximalism, and the relationship between hodling and the velocity of money.

If yall follow me on social media, you're probably aware I'm a huge fan of Jeff's work. Although I did my best not to fanboy too hard, it probably bled thru a little anyway. Regardless, we had an amazing and fruitful discussion and Jeff was brilliant & insightful as always.





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