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47. Vin Armani

Vin Armani stopped by the Agora! Vin is the CEO of CoinText & an OG agorist, so our meeting was well overdue. He drops some knowledge on STOs and the future of tokenization. Also, he tells us why he prefers the BCH SLP token over competing platforms & what he's looking forward to in crypto's near future.

After reading Vin's article in the May issue of Counter Markets titled Emerging Opportunities to Profit on The Bitcoin Blockchain, I knew I had to ask him all about it. Essentially, Vin has identified a new field of counter-economic entrepreneurship - (NCFS) Non-Custodial Financial Services. NCFS providers will be able to bypass a significant chunk of the regulatory framework in escrow, prediction markets, wagering, & more.

As an agorist myself, I knew immediately Vin was on to something big. NCFS providers will be creating a natural, voluntary incentive for white market actors in the relevant industries to move their enterprises to the grey markets. Anyone who resists this shift will be punished dearly by the market.

This is agorism in it's purest form.





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