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41. Praxeology with Walter Block

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

In logic, an axiom is a statement (see episode 11, How to Think Analytically for a logical primer) that is self-evident or otherwise accepted as true. The action axiom is simply that individuals act. It is the foundation of austrian economics and the subject of episode 41 of The Agora.

There are several things that are fascinating about the action axiom. First, is it's self-evident nature; that is, any attempt to disprove it only strengthens the axiom. To say individuals don't act is itself an action. Secondly, and due to the axiom's truth value, any deduction we can make, must necessarily be true.

To help shed some light on the topic, I asked the world's leading praxeologist, Walter Block, to help us sort thru the minutiae. But, before we began exploring the logical beauty of austrian economics, I had to ask him an unrelated question that's been on my mind about ethics and circumcision.


- Here's the video of Israel Kirzner's comments that Professor Block & I discussed:

- Check out Professor Block's site and his books listed below!

- Books mentioned in today's episode:

- Also, don't forget to check out my appearance on The Liberty Forge podcast!


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