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27. Franklin Roosevelt: 1942's Camp Counselor of the Year

Any respectable list of the worst presidents must include this racist warmonger. An only child and a mama's boy, Franklin Roosevelt was born with a silver spoon in hand and quickly learned to utilize his only asset in life; his last name. His legacy is one of political centralization, warfare and fraud.

Being severely illiterate in economics, FDR ushered thru socialist reforms, which deepened and prolonged the Great Depression and lengthened it's accompanying bread lines. Roosevelt sent naval ships on suicide missions, in order to bait both the Japanese and Germans into firing the first shot. Eventually, he developed a secret plan to ensure he got the bloodshed he desired. Finally, Roosevelt used his war as justification for setting up a series of race-based concentration camps throughout the Western United States, in which over 2,000 Americans would die.



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