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20. Counter-Economic Strategies

Per Bylund is an economist at Oklahoma State University and a frequent contributor to,, and Entrepreneur magazine - among others. For episode 20 of The Agora, I asked him on the show to discuss this article he wrote on counter-economics 12 years ago.

Bylund begins the article by rejecting political action and goes on to lay out a roadmap for revolution, built on two pillars. The first is the vertical strategy which he attributes to Karl Hess, and the second is the horizontal strategy, derived from the work of SEK3. In this installment of The Agora, Bylund expands and elaborates on these ideas and more.



A Strategy for Forcing the State Back

Saving the World Through Saving Yourself

Here, Please Read My Pamphlet!

Here, Please Read My Pamphlet!, Part II


Books mentioned in this episode:

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