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17. Pimps n Hoes

A blowjob is better than no job - but don't tell that to the feminazis or the religious right. After all, they're the ones responsible for driving sex work underground in the first place. In this episode of The Agora, we use three books to examine pimping and prostitution. First, we look at Walter Block's Defending the Undefendable in order to break down the economic principles and moral justification of the profession.

Rothbard's seminal work, The Progressive Era, gives us the historical account of John D. Rockefeller's "lifelong crusade" of ending prostitution, and his protege, Raymond Fosdick's eventual success in the matter. Finally, the effects of the state relegating sex work to the underground world, are emphasized using Iceberg Slim's masterpiece, Pimp - as well as thru the story of Yang Song. 38-year old Song's life was tragically cut short attempting to escape a Blue Line Gang raid of massage parlor last year in Flushing, NY.


Some of the books mentioned in this episode:


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