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13. Agorist Class Theory

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Class Theory can seem like a dirty word to libertarians. In this episode we examine four readings in order to derive an Agorist Class Theory. John C. Calhoun's Disquisition on Government provides the first brick in the foundation of the theory. In chapter 14 of Space Capitalism, Walter Block & Peter Nelson critique Calhoun's interpretation & offer a competing version. That view, is perhaps best summed up by Murray Rothbard in his article, "The Case for Revisionism." Finally, a graduated synthesis is provided by Wally Conger's booklet, "Agorist Class Theory."

In the agorist interpretation, society is divided into a plundering class and a plundered class. A graduated spectrum, with politicians on one end and agorists on the other, is then used to distinguish an individual's commitment to counter-economics. Finally, comparing and contrasting Agorist Class Theory with the Marxist doctrine exposes the inherent inconsistencies in the latter, and the tremendous consistencies of the former.



Walter Block & Peter Nelson Space Capitalism

Murray Rothbard The Case for Revisionism


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